Sunday, August 5, 2007

Monsod vs. De Quiros

An interesting read from two Inquirer columnists regarding the request of Senator Trillanes to attend sessions in the Senate.

The Trillanes myth for Monsod and Wrong math for De Quiros.

Both columnists expressed their views regarding the ruling of Judge Oscar B. Pimentel on denying Senator Trillanes certain privileges. The two columnists attacked the issue from opposing angles. De Quiros questioned Judge Pimentel's competence while Monsod doubted Trillanes idealism and principles.

De Quiros obviously didn't check on Judge Pimentel's background for being clueless how Pimentel became a judge. His insults towards the Judge got so much space on his column. De Quiros called the ruling idoitic. That Pimentel doesn't know the difference between apples, oranges and bananas and the meaning of the word "precedent". De Quiros insinuates as if Pimentel was appointed by GMA as RTC judge when in fact he has been a judge for the last 30 years. The following rejoinder from an Inquirer reader may help us know more about Judge Pimentel.

Monsod meanwhile was very blunt with her criticisms on Trillanes specially on his failed coup attempt. Obviously, there not an iota of sympathy from Monsod towards Trillanes. Chances are she did not vote for him. Monsod did take her time to check on the background of Judge Pimentel.

Between the two, I will side with Monsod.

I believe that De Quiros and Monsod mean well. What they express is what they believe is for the greater good. That they both have no personal agenda. That they are both righteous individuals and competent in their own fields.

My problem with De Quiros is his satanic view on GMA. Everything that is connected with GMA is evil. Pati pag utot ni GMA dahilan ng paghihirap ng Pilipinas. Simply because Judge Pimentel's ruling is to GMA's advantage, Judge Pimentel is now evil himself. Oppose GMA and you become a saint to De Quiros. Do or say something that will make GMA's life easier and you instantly become devil. Somewhere along the way, De Quiros has stopped being reasonable.

It's fine to stage a coup as long as it is against GMA. It's ok to steal as long as you steal from GMA. It's ok to cheat as long as you cheat againat GMA. Curse all you want as long as you curse GMA. That is an extreme way of interpreting De Quiros views.

Many people from the opposition, including De Quiiros, are wondering why we are not out in the streets to oust GMA. The common response is, who will you replace GMA with? The opposition will respond back by saying, let's oust GMA first and worry about her replacement later. The people are not buying. I am not buying.

GMA is part of the problem but she is not the only problem. I don't believe ousting GMA will solve our woes. We are all part of the problem. We all have to take responsibility for our woes. We are where we are because of what we are.

I did not vote for Trillanes. He is simply trying to become a Honasan copycat. Just because the Ramos-Enrile coup succeeded, it does not give them the license to engage in the same adventure. Unfortunately, their adventure is what captured the public's imagination.

Monsod dismally failed in her attempt to get a seat in the Senate. I did vote for her. Her loss is merely a reflection of what we are as a people. We are not yet ready for reasonable people like Monsod in our politics. But we will get there.

In the meantime, let's watch the Trillanes saga in the Senate. In spite of his 11 million votes, I doubt if people can be mobilized to form a critical mass to put pressure in our courts to allow Triallanes to attend sessions in the Senate.

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