Saturday, October 6, 2007

Manny Pacquiao

As I write this blog, I am awaiting for the Pacquiao-Barrera fight in the internet. This is where I try to get my regular updates.

Of course I am rooting for Pacquiao just like all Filipinos everywhere. Sana walang aberya. I hope Pacman continues with his winning steak.

While reading news on this fight, there are insinuations that Pacquiao continues to harbor political plans. He is cooking up something for 2010. Sayang. Pacquiao can do more for our country outside the political ring. He should have learned his lesson in the last election. His camp claims they were cheated in the last election.

Politics in this country stinks. Barangay election pa lang trapong trapo na ang mga kandidato. Instead of breeding good leaders, our politics only breeds trapos. May mga matitino din naman but they very, very few. Ang mga high profile na "santong" politiko, para sa akin, ay sina Grace Padaca, Jesse Robredo at Fr. Ed Panlilio. I'm sure may mga matitino din dyan kaya lang hindi nabibigyan ng media exposure. But the rule of the thumb is, once you enter Philippine politics, kakainin ka ng karumihan nito. Kahit si Pacman, kakainin ng sistmemang ito. Sana hwag nya na lang pasukin ang mundo ng pulitika.

Manny Pacquiao is one of the very few individuals who has truly captured our imagination as a people. Medyo nagka setback yon nung kumandidato sya sa nakaraan halalan. But with this fight with Barrera, everyone is again focused on him. The others who have captured our imagination are Cory and Erap. Pacquaio is in that league or even more. Pacquaio cuts across all socio-economic-political-religious divide unlike Cory and Erap. Si Cory pang middle class while Erap is pang masa.

To have credibility, Pacquaio must stay out of politics. Pacquaio has the capacity to inspire. But to lead, I doubt it. He is in the league of the two Revillas, the two Lapids. It is really their advisers who think for them. I may trust Pacquiao with regards to his sincere desire to help. But I just can't trust the people behind him whoever they are.

Pacquiao is an excellent endorser. Businesses have recognized this considering the long line of products he is promoting. I just hope one day he can become an endorser of the good citizenship campaign. He is the ideal endorser for this campaign.

Good luck Pacman. I hope you again win this one.

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