Monday, December 22, 2008

And another one

Here's another one, KAYA NATIN!.

From what I read, Kaya Natin espouses genuine change and ethical leadership by promoting transparency, social accountability, people empowerment and electoral reforms. We've heard of these words before. These are no longer new. Here is a list of groups who seek more of the same.



Simbahan Lingkod Bayan

Ang Kapatiran

Center for Responsible Governance, Inc.

Transparency and Accountability Network

Coalition Against Corruption

Transparent Accountable Governance


One Voice

Black and White Movement

Ang Bagong Pinoy

Moral Revolt

Dilaab Movement

Citizen's Battle Against Corruption

Kilusang Balik Kaayusan

just to name a few.

But nothing will really change unless we change the way we do things.

A campaign/movement will only be effective if every sectors in our society can be part of it. It shoud not matter if you are rich or poor, Christian or Muslim, Cebuano or Ilocano, overseas or Philippine based, student or retiree, magtataho or banker, etc. The audience must not be passive but active participants in the campaign. Corruption is truly a menace in our society. But corruption is not something that we could fight head on. Wether we like it or not, corruption has become part of our system, of our culture. The "baka makalusot" and "baka makaisa" attitude are reflections of this. It is easy to point fingers at people in government. But let us look at ourselves in the mirror. One way or another, we had our own shortcomings.

For the campaign to succeed, it has to be faceless. Nobody can come out clean, not even the Church. SAbi nga ng Bible, he who has no sin cast the first stone. Take out the face and a certain degree of credibility is achieved.

By combining the two, a campaign that involves everyone and faceless, then it will capture the imagination of our people. Once this is achieved, CHANGE will not be far behind.

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Anonymous said...

You think the Filipino people would act as one and build the nation from the garbage dump it is where now? NO! Very very few cares about their Motherland, and most are afraid to go hungry or suffer. This is a nation of cowards and traitors. You don't even want to stand for justice unless the crime is done against you! Filipinos stink! You deserve to be annihilated!