Friday, January 2, 2009

Fighting corruption

The following was posted on the comment section of this blog.

Fighting corruption is the best way to fight powerty. But how do we fight corruption?

There are two kinds of corruption, a one way corruption and two way corruption. One way corruption is about those people in the position, either elected or appointed by someone we elected, and use their position for personal gain. An example would be awarding contracts to relatives/friends. This is the palakasan system. The two way corruption is one where there is a giver and a taker. An excellent example is the transaction between a traffic violator and a traffic enforcer. This is the padulas system. Eliminate the palakasan / padulas system and corruption is minimized. Less corruption, less poverty, less hunger and peace is built. But how do we eliminate the palakasan/padulas system?

Even the Church has failed in this area. Only if the Church has guided its flock well, we will not be in this mess we are in right now. The Church teaches the rightwus path and the people don't seem to follow.

But something can still be done. The Church can still play a huge role in the CHANGE that we all seek. This is not just about religion. This is about attitude, way of thinking, a different mindset, a whole new perspective. We need a different approach and strategy. If we want to eliminate palakasan and padulas system, we need to capture first the imagination of our people. But not a single advocacy is working on this strategy. We have thousands of advocacies around us and yet not a single one seems to create a dent. Why? Because not a single on has captured the imagination of our people. Capture the imagination and we will be on our way to the CHANGE that we all seek.

Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas!


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, In any Democracy, the people get the government that they deserve. FILIPINO CULTURE is all about PALAKASAN and PADULASAN. It is what the Colonists (the 1st which ruled us for more than 400 years and the second that we kicked out) have imprinted on us. In short CORRUPTION can never be ERASED from Filipinos if we "all" don't all change ourselves first.

Anonymous said...

Leading by example in this country is somewhat an extremely unsaturated dream to fulfill. 85% of Filipinos belong to class D and E, which FYI are neither secondary school graduates, unschooled or just plain stupid. and FYI they also comprise 1/3 of the most active voting population because they sell their votes. The other 1/3 are young voters ranging from 18 to 21 which are punked of their votes and the last 1/3 don't give a "fecal matter" about the country.

Anonymous said...

There is a way to eradicate corruption, that is a strong government led by honest, dignified, honorable leaders that will take away every human rights there is from our constitution and leave only the right to live and the right to work. Democracy sucks for us! It does not work in our country! We must throw away this trash and build from who we really are. We are slaves. We need to be whipped to work. We need to be forced to serve the country. We need to threatened with death to obey even the smallest rules.