Friday, May 14, 2010

Congratulations President NOYNOY

For more than a year, I have not posted on this blog. It is a reflection of the kind of hopelessness I felt during that time. When Cory died last year, I felt the emptiness, the anxiety of things will go from worse to worst. Not until NOYNOY's name was floated to run for the presidency. My reaction was why not.

From the presidential candidates then, I felt that I will just boycott the election. There isn't really much of a choice. It is more of the same, even worse, with the person of Manny Villar. From the time he started airing his ads on tv saying he helped bring home distressed ofws, I already considered villar a very typical trapo. Rexas? Gordon? Bayani? Maybe Gordon or Bayani but still with a lot of reservations. Not until NOYNOY accepted the challenge to run.

I my little way, I campaigned for NOYNOY. I openly told my friends and family that I am voting for him even when the are rooting for a different candidate. NOYNOY is the only one I TRUST among the candidates. When the surveys showed that NOYNOY and villar were on statistical tie, I was really affected. But I continued to defend NOYNOY in an internet forum. NOYNOY supporters are outnumbered by NOYNOY haters and detractors. Still I kept defending my candidate on each and every issue. That was how I helped my candidate.

On my lonesome, I went to the Quezon Memorial Circle to attend the miting de avance. On election day, I waited for three hours and still went home unable to vote. But to return in the afternoon to complete the task.

In the evening, I was already glued on the news. Based on the surveys, I have high confidence that NOYNOY will make it. It was just knowing if he gets to become a majority president by getting more 50% of the vote. As of this time, it is highly unlike that he will his the 50% mark. But still I am very much at peace and gratified that NOYNOY will be our next president.

In this regard, I will rekindle my personal advocacy, good citizenship. In a NOYNOY presidency, good citizenship is the equivalent of people engagement in governance.

Congratulation President NOYNOY!


floresmarcelo2009 said...

wow!!how are you first?!!! you amazed me...
...we both love noynoy...
thank you for posting your blog..

pinoy said...

huy....nabuhay ka.

Ka Noel said...


Kahit siguro sino ang maging presidente, ipagpatuloy mo ang pagmamalasakit sa bayan.


Kumusta ka na.