Sunday, May 6, 2007

It will be more of the same

Next week, the circus will be over.

We will all then be glued on tv and radio to get an idea of who is leading and winning in the count. Accusations of cheating, vote buying, ballot boz snatching, mysterious brownouts and election return tampering will be the news of the week. We will have our regular dose of localized people power, assasinated candidate and supporter, Supreme Court petitions and reactions from the international community on the outcome of the election. Then everything gets back to where we were before.

Who will be the Senate Prseident? Who will be the House Speaker? Who will chair this and that committee? Who cares?

All I care about is a win for Fr. Panlilio in Pampanga, the reelction of Grace Padaca in Isabela, the reelection of Jesse Robredo in Naga City and a defeat for Datu Arroyo in Camarines Sur.

I couldn't care less if Pacquiao wins. But it would be welcome development to have a high school batchmate win a seat in Congress, him being on the white list of the Black and White Movement. It will be interesting to know the results of the counting in Batangas, Manila and Caloocan.

But once the noise has settled down, chances are things will remain the same. The charter change issue will be revived for the nth time. Extra judicial killings will remain with a continued defeaning silence from the public. GMA's legitimacy will still hound the presidency as the administration is not expected to get a majority in the Senate. The opposition will attempt to file a new impeachment complaint even if they don't have the numbers, for whatever media mileage they can squeeze out of it. And the media will always be there to feed us with the same news. And the political analysts will continue to bombard us with their opinions. When will we see change if after this election it will just be more of the same?

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