Thursday, May 3, 2007

My vote goes to . . . .


I will not be voting for any other senatorial candidates. Not Sonia Roco. Not Kiko Pangilinan. Not Joker Arroyo. Only the Ang Kapatiran candidates.

There are three posts in this blog labeled ANG KAPATIRAN. What I have written about this party has not been so supportive of their cause. I have criticized the group for joining this election unprepared. They are virtually unknowns with no chance of winning. Nada. Zero. That everything will just be a waste of time, energy and resources. But that doesn't mean I won't be voring for them.

Only three names will be written on my ballot. I won't be voting for any one in the local positions. There is an Alvin Sandoval campaigning for the congressional position. Chances are this is a brother of the other Sandoval who has completed his three terms and is now running for mayor in Navotas. I heard the incumbent mayor, Oreta, is running unopposed. Just the same, the space for mayor, vice mayor and councilors will just be crossed out. I have no idea who the candidates are for these positions. For party list, I will also cross out this space. For the last two elections, I voted for BAYAN MUNA. I won't be voting for them this time althoughI truly appreciated the response of Rep. Teddy Casino on my comments on the Batasan 6 blog. He is sensible and I was humbled for him taking the time to respond to my posts. But still, my challenge to BAYAN MUNA to renounce and denounce armed struggle and for them not to avail of the port barrel will not be heeded. For that, they don't get my vote this time. So there will only be three names that will be written on my ballot.

I really don't know who Martin Bautista, Paredes and Sison are. Dr. Bautista is a doctor in the US who decided to come back and make a difference. Paredes is the VFA director. Sison is a total unknown to me. I hardly know anything about them. So eesentially, I am not voting for the person but for the party. I am voting for the party because I believe that the people behind this group mean well. I know personally some of its members. That there is no personal agenda involved. That it is all about the national interest that they are after. I may not agree with their strategy but their conviction is still worthy of the support.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I will be voting also for these people under Kapatiran...di sila tra-po.

We watched on 'Isang Tanong..' of GMA7 how Mr. Bautista addressed somes issues.

Sef said...

Same here... I am voting for the AngKap candidates only! In fact, they are my only reasons to vote at all!