Saturday, December 8, 2007

Moral Revolt

Finally, a serious attempt to initiate a moral revolution.

Top Jesuit tapped for ‘moral revolt’ vs corruption

I call it good citizenship. They call it moral revolt. Whatever term is used, it means the same, the issue is behavioral.

But from the looks of it, this moral revolution campaign is bound to fail. People will not take this campaign seriously. Being the brain child of Speaker de Venecia, that in itself is already a liability. A moral revolt being initiated by a big time trapo will never take off. With all the so many trapos supporting this initiative, both from the exccutive and legislative, it is just too obvious the personal agenda these trapos have on this campaign.

Having a priest at the forefront is not enough to give this campaign some level of credibility. Fr. Intengan, a PDSP ideologue, must be very close to National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales, who is a PDSP top rank.

By denying the participation of the left like Bayan Muna, Intengan has already highlighted his group's ideological difference with the Marxist-Leninist left. That is counter productive.

There is a need to influence collective behavioural pattern to minimize corrupt practices in our society. Initiating a moral revolution is a step in that direction. But to be effective, this campaign must be faceless. By coming out with names behind the move, the motive becomes suspect. People will not take the campaign seriously. They will only see this campaign as an attempt of trapos to deodorize themselves. Politicians have very, very low trust rating. They don't have the moral ascendancy to lead and initiate campaigns vs. corruption. They are the epitome of corruption.

My advocacy is a sustained and faceless good citizenship campaign that will capture the imagination of our people in order to influence our collective mindset. For not being faceless, I don't think this initiative can capture the imagination of our people. It will never be able to influence our collective mindset. Therefore, this initiative will just be a waste of time and money.


PMCSI said...

My attention was drawn by the phrase "Moral Revolt" used in posting your piece at "Ang Bagong Pinoy". It was not a waste of time checking this out.

I find the following very intriguing: "My advocacy is a sustained and faceless good citizenship campaign that will capture the imagination of our people in order to influence our collective mindset."

However, I find it quite a difficult challenge to pin down one particular instance when a "faceless" campaign ever captured the imagination of any group of people in the history, not only of the Philippines, but even in the recorded and documented history of humankind on Planet Earth that I have encountered so far. So, can you please help me appreciate better how viable a "faceless" campaign can be, by citing a specific "faceless" campaign that clearly impacted on and changed the direction of a particular nation or country?

nw49socal said...

further to what pmcsi replied earlier, a sustained and faceless good citizenship campaign is just a dream like others if it is not achievable. How do you intend to achieve it or have you started this campaign?

pinoy said...

to pmcsi and nw49socal:

my response to your queries are in the next post.