Friday, February 8, 2008

The problem with Lozada

After hearing the statements of Lozada at the Senate, I have a problem calling what he did to be heroic. At best, I say, it's admirable. My judgment on Lozada is based on what I read and hear on the news. I learned about his person only because of involvement in this controversy.

Lozada never wanted to testify at the Senate. As he said, hindi niya gulo ito. But now all the anti GMA forces are calling him a hero.
The Inquirer lost no time in searching for his heroic deeds with the article Just a "probinsyanong intsik".

I believe that Lozada is sincere. That he is doing what he is doing to give honor to his father's name. That he is simply giving back to his country as what his father has told him. But my issue is, why do what he did only when pushed to the wall. If there was a legal option, where there is none according to the staff of a certain Gaite in Malacanang, would he still have testified? If he wasn't kidnapped at the airport, would he still be as emotional as he is at the press con and at the senate?

Lozada has his own "baho" and he admits to it. Malacanang is definitely going to squeeze all that it can to use Lozada's ghosts to their advantage.

On the other side, all the anti GMA forces will try to squeeze everything that they can from Lozada's revelations to link GMA to the controversy. Anti GMA forces has found a new ammunition to hit Malacanang. So what's new?

I posted the following on Manolo's blog.

This part of the controversy is what bothers me.

Questioned by Senator Loren Legarda, Lozada says he is privy to the contents of a conversation Neri had with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in which Neri reported Abalos' attempt to bribe him. Lozada, however, refused to divulge what he knew about the conversation, saying it had been given in confidence to him. link

Is his love for country below Neri's confidence in him?

If Lozada truly wants to be of service to this country, why do a Neri? Why not spill out all the beans out? I doubt if the anti GMA groups will force the issue. They would not want to put their hero on the spot. Malacanang, meanwhile, would also prefer to have Lozada keep his silence on this issue, Neri's conversation w/ GMA with regards to the bribery attempt. This is where GMA can be truly pinned down, that she knows about bribery and did nothing about it.

If Lozada is truly a hero, tell all. Don't be selective.

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