Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Walking the talk

It is almost a year now since I started this blog. This blog has been my outlet in expressing my views and opinions on various political issues. But more importantly, this blog is the beginning, the foundation of a campaign that I have been wanting initiate as my share in helping my country. This I do simply because, INIIBIG KO ANG PILIPINAS.

My basic premise here is that we are all part of the problem. GMA is simply a reflection of the problem of what we are as a people. Removing her from office won't solve our problems. Things could turn to worse.

At the start, this campaign may appear to be governnmnet sponsored, but it is not. This is purely personal. If others will be willing to support this cause later, they will be most welcome as long as there is no hidden agenda. All for love of country.

An image designing company has been contacted and will be making the Iniibig ko ang Pilipnas logo. The final logo will be used as the standard logo throughout the campaign. This logo will be copyrighted to prevent others, specially the trapos, from hijacking the campaign.

I will be posting the developments on this blog as the campaign progresses.

1 comment:

Techie said...

Hi. Sana hindi na agnas ang "pag-ibig mo sa Pilipinas" ... eto ang isang imbitasyon. Panooring mo ang Lupang basahin ang PAGASA....

Ingat! Techie