Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The November 9 protest

Some may already be aware of the planned mass-mailing scheduled on November 9. The details of the protest action can be read on the blog of the Black and White Movement. On the same day, an e campaign will also be held. Details here.

When I read about this protest action from Manolo's blog, my initial reaction was, here they go again. I am sure the intent of the organizers is pure. That there is no personal agenda. That what they plan to do is for our country. But this kind of campaign is only a good media event for the day. After this event is reported on the news, everything will be forgotten.

As I kept stressing in this blog, what we need is a campaign that will capture the imagination of our people. This November 9 event is too middle claish. Napaka burgis. It is something that our poor kababayans will not be able to relate to. They will simply see this event as another anti gloria campaign. Just one of those, ika nga.

If we truly, truly want to have change, we need to influence the collective mindset of Filipinos. We should always think of the collective. Hindi iyong tayo tayong lang na mga nasa middle class. A campaign must involve each and every one of us.

There may be no speeches or banners on this day. But still, it will just be like another perya. Remember the Black Friday campaign? May nangyari ba? So many other campaigns have been launched and forgotten. November 9 will be another one of them. Sayang. The middle class is just too elitist it doesn't know how to involved ordinary Filipinos in its campaigns. Masyadong napapaka burgis ang burgis. The reason why it can't make itself become catalyst for change.

Yes,the middle class may be outraged by the suhulan, but still I asked on this blog, where is the outrage?, the collective outrage, that is. Part of the solution is psychological.


frustrated_writer said...

I agree with you. Kahit po ako na member ng isang leftist group naniniwala na dapat na hindi kami magpaka-bida sa media. Dapat na mapukaw natin ang natutulog na damdaming makabayan ng mga Pilipino at nang tayong lahat mismo ang gagawa ng pagbabago na pangmatagalan. Kung hindi, it will just happen again. Like what they did in the two EDSAs. Wala sa pagpapalit ng pangulo ang solusyon. Nasa pagpapalit ng ating pag-uugali ang solusyon. Mabuhay ka kaibigan.

BURAOT said...

there is no outrage siguor dahil nga, sanay na tayo sa ganun. alam na nating lahat na meron namang suhulan kahit saan, so anong bago? meron lang tumuga. yun lang.

maybe their campaign is not enough but we should also remember, the middle class is who actually started both EDSA's, effective lang sya kasi nga sumama ang left, right at masa.

still, it boils down to your main point. we as people need to change as a whole. a cultural revolution is what we need.

pinoy said...

to frustrated_writer and buraot,

exactly. nothing will change unless we change as a people. a faceless campaign on good citizenship that will capture the imagination of our people in order to influence our collective mindset is part of the solution. it can be done.