Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anti Dynasty BIll Discriminates

From an INQUIRER article, Rep Gatchalian told an editor “An anti-dynasty bill is a regressive bill. It discriminates … How would you feel if you and your brother both want to write but because you’re already a writer people would tell your brother he could no longer do so?”

Wrong analogy. Rep Gatchalian is correct in saying that An anti dynasty bill definitely discriminates. It will discriminates against those who have the name and resource advantage during elections. It will discrimate against the concentration of public fund in the hands of a few. Last time I checked, 20 political clans control billions of pesos in pork barrel, gov't funds. His family is not even on the list yet.

Do we have anything positive to expect from these neophyte congressmen? NADA. Simula pa lang, nilamon na sila ng sistema. I doubt if they can rock the house.

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