Monday, July 2, 2007

Weder weder lang

I think this term was coined during the presidency of Erap. Pana panahon lang yan.

This is what is happening on the strip of Avenida from Carriedo to Recto.

I am no Atienza fan. But when he pedestrianized the half kilometer distance of Avenida from the LRT station in Carriedo up to the corner of Recto, it was for me a very welcome change. The jeepneys and all other vehicles have to take the secondary routes. That short strip of Rizal Avenue evolve a life of its own. Some kiosks were put up. People watch people go by as the sit on the metal benches formed around the LRT posts. Enterprising indviduals offer various services such as manicure/pedicure and massage. On some spots are the medicinal herb vendors doing actual demostrations on how to use their items. My favorite is the lady blind singer who sings regularly to a crowd who intently awaits her every song. To walk the half kilometer distance is a breeze. Hindi ka maiinip, ika nga.

But now, Mayor Lim has decided to open the portion of Avenida to traffic again. At first, it was a feeling of disgust when I saw the tiles being torn away. Sayang. I really appreciated the pedestrianization of Avenida as it gave an aura of order and "oneness" among urbanites coming from the gut of the city. It will take a while before the reality of changing to the old way, meaning the absence of change, sinks in.

It's now Mayor Lim's judgement call. Is the opening up of Avenida for the greater good? Is it about keeping his word during the campaign? His move will certainly be appreciated by the jeepney drivers. It may even bring in more business in the area. I really don't know what will happen next in that portion of Avenida. From my point of view, I do not welcome this move of Mayor Lim. Change is about moving forward, not going back to the old ways.

Weder weder lang yan. Who knows. Three years from now, Atienza may regain back the City Hall. If that happens, will he re pedestrianize Avenida? Such a waste. I am glad Ali Atienza lost but I do not welcome the move of Mayor Lim to re open Avenida.

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