Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Proudly Pinoy

There is an ongoing Proudly Pinoy logo design competition. The competition intends to have a common logo that expresses the pride of being a Filipino. The logo will hopefully bring elegance to a website's Filipino identity. There is a cash prize of P10,000 for the winning logo.

Even if I don't know where they are coming from, I believe that the proponents of this competition mean well. There is really nothing wrong in telling the world that we are proud of our race. The objective of the competition can be easily appreciated. Having said that, let me make comments based on my agenda of "connecting the dots".

This endeavor is a dot. It tries to evoke some sense of patriotism among Filipino netizens. Unfortunately, the use of the logo will be limited to websites. There has to be a link to use the logo. The logo cannot be used as a sticker that we can put in our vehicles, or be printed on our products. What I envision is to have a logo that can be seen and printed anywhere, not just in websites. Something like this is what I have in mind. Instead of Proudly Pinoy, I still prefer Iniibig ko Ang Pilipinas. It is quite difficult to translate Proudly Pinoy into Filipino or other dialects unlike Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas. Iniibig has more passion to it. The poorest and the richest Filipino can relate to Iniibig while Proudly Pinoy is limited to the educated. Since the campaign that I envision is something that will capture the imagination of every Filipino, I believe that Iniibig is the best slogan to promote.1

I am not comfortable with the use of the color of our flag in the logo. Let us promote our flag not through logos but as a flag. Our flag must be distinct from the logo and not trying to fit our flag in the logo. We, Filipinos, have not been respecting our flag the way we should. Masyado nang gasgas yung paggamit ng flag color sa mga logo.

Well, these are just my opinions. Just trying to explain where I am coming from. But to the organizers, go for it. I wish you the best and hopefully I will see the logo that wins in every Filipino website, as envisioned. Good Luck!


aajao said...

ei, nice contest. the entries look great! did you have your entry as well?

Jason Gonzales said...

Thank you for your carefully considered commentary. It is great to have an intellectual discussion, and I hope you don't mind if I take this opportunity to offer a riposte.

Regarding your point regarding the phrasing, I strongly disagree. What you say may be true in Manila. But here in Cebu, the Tagalog phrase would not go down well at all, especially among the poor. I personally do not speak Tagalog. We didn't choose a Cebuano phrase for this competition, nor did we choose a Tagalog phrase, because it is English that unites the country.

Regarding our promotion of the flag colors. As our site points out, there is ample precedent of designers using the colors from the flag for logo design, both in the private and public sectors. Personally, I think the Philippines has a great flag, and, unlike many other countries, the flag is loved and often used in the Philippines. It is probably the only unifying motif there is, since, thankfully, we do not have a monarchy. I share your apprehension that the flag might be trivialized or commercialized, but thankfully that doesn't seem to happen. And this competition I organized is, of course, non-commercial in nature.

pinoy said...

aajao - nope, i didn't have any entry due to very limited photoshop skill.

pinoy said...

hi jason,

i can see where you are coming from. we have the same goal, to see our dream philippines. we simply differ in our approach differ. so we must see each other as allies.

having said that, i really have nothing against the phrase "Proudly Pinoy". I consider the competition as A DOT. A DOT, meaning one of those thousands of advocacies doing their share in helping our country move forward. As I stated in a previous post, I consider GAWAD KALINGA as the biggest dot of them all. There is the GILAS, ROCK-Ed, AHON, etc. etc. A simple act of citizenship is a dot. Your competition is also a dot. My advocacy is to connect all of these dots. I believe that through a good citizenship campaign, all of these dots can be connected.

Correct me if I am wrong, "Iniibig ko Ang Pilipnas" can be traslated to Cebuano and all other dialects. Each and every Filipino can identify with this slogan. "Proudly Pinoy" is somewhat "elitist". It cannot capture the imagination of the public. I am saying this hoping that you understand where I am coming from. I am not saying that you just change your slogan. Keep it. I am just citing you competition to explain my position.

With regards to the use of the colors of our flag in the designs, it is just my personal preference that we don't use the colors of our flag. I would rather see our flag as a flag, not in a logo.


Eona said...

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