Saturday, July 21, 2007

Heartless GMAs

I was watching GMA 7's Unang HIrit when the news broke on the release of Father Bossi. It's a relief that this unfortunate incident is finally over with Father Bossi being freedd unharmed.

Arnold Clavio, an anchor of the show, got the opportunity to interview live on tv Father Boassi while he was eating. Clavio's first question was "Kumusta ka na Father?" to which Father Bossi responded "Please speak in English or Visayan." Anyway, basic questions were thrown at Father Bossi specially about his captivity. But I felt uncomfortable when Clavio asked, "How do you feel that 14 marines were killed in their attempt to rescue you." or something like that. Such an insentive question! Or course Father Bossi feels bad or terrible about what happened. But do they need to get the sound bite? Kailangan pa bang ipamukha nila sa pari na marami ang namatay in the efforts to rescue him?

Then came this Inquirer editorial. GMA, the president, apparently congratulated Father Bossi for his release but informed him that many people died. Such an insensitive president! I agree with all the words used in the editorial such as unforgivable, tasteless, a national disgrace, to descibe the incident. It is not Father Bossi's fault that he was kidnapped. It is not Father Bossi's fault that men died in the line of duty. We should not make him fell guilty about what bappened. We should even be grateful to him that he is here in our country doing his religous vocation. We know that his kidnapping and the death of the marines are related but let us be more sensitive with the questions asked and statement made. Father Bossi is very much aware of what happened and he must have felt really bad about it. That's already safe to assume.

Clavio was just doing his job but he must also consider the feelings of the interviewee. GMA is simply looking for someone to blame, except herself, with the death of the 14 marine soldiers.

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