Monday, July 9, 2007

It's Not a Deal

Just watched the show Deal or No Deal. It had a certain Wendy as its participant. I think she was part of the last Pinoy Big Brother show.

I really don't watch this show but what I heard at the beginning of the show caught my attention. The winnings of the contestant will be donated to a certain sick child named Erin. I felt disgusted when I heard this. If the show wants to help the child, just help the poor kid. Wag nang idaan pa sa contest. I felt more disgusted when Wendy said something like "yung buhay ng bata nakasalalay sa kanya". It's just too disgusting that this show is even using a sick child just to rate. All I am saying is, if they want to help the child, just help specially if it's a matter of life and death. Pero yung ipapa contest pa, that's below the belt na.

The total winning at the end of the show was P25,000. I really don't know if this amount is enough to save the child. Does it matter anyway? Nagamit na nila yung bata kung sino man sya.

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