Sunday, July 8, 2007

Connecting the Dots

Our country is not wanting of advocacies, groups, foundations, NGOs all existing in the sincere desire to make a difference and help our country move forward. A dot will refer, but not limited to, these aggrupations. All acts of good citizenship is a dot. A song, a poem, a poster, a video that promotes patriotism and citizenship is a dot. There are big dots and small dots. As a stated before, I consider Gawad Kalinga as the biggest dot of them all.

With all the dots around us, we hardly feels these dots unless we are part of the advocacy or a beneficiary of it. I belong to the group called
Ang Bagong Pinoy which is also a dot. In the absence of an activity, this dot is slowly disappearing. That is the only dot I may say that I belong to. But surely, millions of us do not belong to any dot. Many of us are merely spaectators these dots. Every once in a while, maybe we perform acts of citizenship, which becomes a dot. But are we able to sustain this dot? We can if there is an outside motivation for us to keep our personal dots.

There is a lot of frustration among us but we keep on hoping that someday things will be better. Just like myself who refuses to accept that I will not see my Dream Philippines in my lifetime. I have to do my share and that is to connect the dots.

Connecting the dots is not an easy task. It will cost and it will be a lot. It has to be sustained to create an impact. It has to be apolitical from the start but may need to be political when the situation calls for it. It has to create a critical mass of good citizens that can be mobilized but not necessarily organized. It has to capture the imagination of all Filipinos including the diaspora. Connecting the dots is all about the promotion of good citizenship.

I have been floating this idea for sometime now but it seems no one really believes in the viability and wisdom of this campaign. We see pockets of good citizenship campaign coming from the media, the government and some corporations. But they are just that. Small campaigns that are not sustained nor coordinated therefore not creating any impact at all.

For now, I will try to build up my personal resources to get this campaign rolling. In the meantime, I will just blog about this campaign. I will be featuring in this blog all the dots that I can find. Hopefully, one day I can connect all of these dots.


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