Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another open letter

A few days ago, I made a post about this "open letter" phenomenon. Well, here is another one.

Cyber Istambay is obviously writing from his point of view. Well, most of the time, we always see things from our perspective. He rants about the kind of people we elect, He blames the "the system that brings us these shady characters". The he makes an appeal to see beyond characters and personality and to collectively respond for meaningful change.

Tell this to the magtataho and he'll give you a blank stare. The mangangalahig may not even know what an intellegentsia is. And Cyber Istambay wonders why we have become such a basket case in Asia? Don't look far. Part of the problem is us, the so called intellengentsia. We always see things from our perspective, from our point of view. Have we tried to see or explain why we can't get our act together in choosing the right leaders? Simply because the intellengentsia won't go down to the level of the mangangalahig. The intellegnetsia never tried to see things from the perspective of the mangangalahig. Tayong mga nag i internet, matatalino tayo. Laging may opinyon. Pero paki ba ng mas nakakaraming Pilipino na hindi alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng online.

It is good that Cyber Istambay made mention of the Pinoy DNA. That is what the intellegentsia and the mangangalahig have in common, the Pinoy DNA. I will call it our collective psyche. Walang mayaman at mahirap dito. Walang grade one lang ang natapos vs. may PhD. Kapag Pinoy ka, pare pareho ang Pinoy DNA natin. Iisa lang ang ating collective psyche. The solution must be viewed from this perspective. Walang matalino, walang bobo. Lahat pare pareho. Kaya ng ang advocacy ko GOOD CITIZENSHIP. Lahat tayo dito pare pareho. Yung kandidato, bad citizen sya kasi bumibili ng boto. Yung botante bad citizen sya kasi nagbebenta ng boto. Sa isyu ng citizenship, walang mahirap o mayaman. Yung collective psyche natin ang tina target. Minu mutate natin yung Pinoy DNA para manaig ang GOOD CITIZENSHIP. Once we've become good citizens, or at least a majority, then we can develop, evolve, formulate a system that will best lead us to our Dream Philippines. Baguhin man natin ang sistema o konstitusyon pero kung hindi naman tayo magbabago bilang mga PILIPINO, walang totoong pagbabagong magaganap.

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