Thursday, March 8, 2007

As I lurk

I have been online for almost a decade now. Since that time, I joined various discussion groups sharing my thoughts and views, most of the time on matters of politics. This interest in politics was bourne out of my sincere desire to do my share, whatever I can, to help my country move forward. But not much has changed. All these discussion has not really created any impact on our national lives. The only thing that I could remember that reached some national significance was the Elagda, an internet campaign against then president Erap. Today, things are still more of the same, all talk.

This day on, I will keep my silence. I will just lurk and simply post my comments on this blog. I will not make comments on forums, groups or blogs.

Masyado tayong matatalino. Walang magpapatalo. It is a rare find to read people admitting their mistake or fault. It is always pride and persoanl biases that reign in the discussions. People are just too predictable. Discussions are not about finding a common ground but about who posts better, who argues better. And we ask why our country doesn't move forwatd? We only need to look at the mirror.

I am a member of various yahoo groups. I am a regular reader of various blogs. I log in to several Fiipino forums. My comments I will post only on this blog. This is just for self expression. I don't want to argue out there anymore. Napagod na ako. Wala din namang mangyayari kundi patalinuhan at pataasan ng ihi. I will just quietly express my thoughts in here.

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