Wednesday, March 14, 2007


State of the "neysion" is de Quiros' Inquirer column today. I will not react with what he wrote. I will just post a personal email I wrote to Leo Martinez last March 6, 2007 regarding this movie M.O.N.A.Y. Up to this day, I am still awaiting for his response. No word from him even if just "I got your email" note.

The following is my email to him.

Dear Mr. Martinez:

A few days ago, I had the chance to view the trailer of the movie M.O.N.A.Y. which will be shown in theaters this month. I also heard a plug on the radio on this movie where you said "ang problema tayo mismo" or something to that effect. I agree with you. The problem is us.

Although many of us do recognize that a major cause of our woes is us, there isn't really a serious campaign to address this. The movie M.O.N.A.Y. is an obvious attempt to show what is wrong with us as a people. Unfortunately, I doubt if people will take the message seriously. It is the "comedy" aspect that they will see.

GOOD CITIZENSHIP is my personal advocacy. I believe this is part of the solution. Unfortunately, I simply can't find people who may be willing to work on this cause. Everybody seems too busy with their own advocacies. I am writing simply to make a connection. I feel that GOOD CITIZENSHIP is also your cause. I am just an ordinary Filipino who wants to do his share in nation building. I am just taking my chance that maybe we could build up a strategic campaign on a regular, nationwide and sustained basis to change the collective consciousness and mindset of Filipinos. What I envision is a large scale campaign but we can always start with something small and build it up from there.

Just taking my chance.

Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas,

There is also an email I sent to Mr. Harvey Keh in reaction to his open letter about leaving the Philippines. To date, no response. Nada. I really wonder what's wrong with the GOOD CITIZENSHIP advocacy. But this is where my heart is. I am most willing to discuss this advocacy but no one seems to care. It's a lonely road.


pinokie said...

Hindi ka nag-iisa Pinoy. Marami kang kasama. Naghihintayan lang tayo. Tuloy mo ang pananampalataya sa ating Bayan.

pinoy said...

I am truly honored by your presence.


i also wrote an open letter to ahrvey keh ( No response din. Di ka naman nagiisa. minsan, kailangan nating magkita at mapagusapan ito ng mas malalim. From there, concrete action can be planned, if you want. Again, more power!

pinoy said...

I am most willing to discuss these issues out in the real world. From there, maybe we can make things happen.